Rules & Policies

About Fable
    • Opening Hours

      • The creche and upper creche is opened all through the year from 7am – 5pm (Monday – Friday) but closed at every National/public holidays.
      • Playgroups/Nursery is opened from 8am – 2pm (Monday- Friday)
      • Primary is opened from 7:45am – 2pm (Monday – Friday)
    • Appearance

      Dress your child in comfortable or uniform clothes and shoes , No jewelry except small pierced earrings, and a set of changing clothes should be provided.

    • Food & Drinks

      Mothers are to provide nourishing and variety of home- made meal with fruit in season. Snacks and a drink should be provided for lunch/break/snacktime. Clean water should be brought along with food.

    • Health

      You are expected to have your child’s immunization up to date(we require a copy of this for our record). Please ensure that your child’s finger nails are cut short at all times. Cases of infectious diseases should be reported to us and in such cases the child will not be re-admitted to the group without physician’s clearance. Keep your toddler at home if he/she is ill, even slightly. Please note that we will not administer any form of drugs to your child. When a child takes ill or has an accident while playing in school, every effort will be made to contact the parent, and if necessary, call in the doctor.

    • Collection

      It is mandatory that secured and adequate arrangement be made for the collection of your child on time. Your child will not be released to any unauthorized person without a signed note from the parent or a phone call.

    • Withdrawal

      At least one months’s notice is required for withdrawal. However ,no refunds of fees will be made.

    • Fees

      Fees must be paid promptly,while in the case of new intakes fees should be remitted with the application/registration form.